Friday, January 26, 2007


Full Name : Kee Wee Kiat Victor is very the fat yeng...

Name backwards : Gney taf eth yrev si Roctiv Tiak Eew Eek...errrr....

Were you named after someone : im named after the word victorious does that count??..

Meaning of name : to be losing that is

Nickname : lukuking,emoking,luku,turkey,phant phant,kitty kat,kiwi fruit,fat legend...

Screen name : Nikeester or Kweekit

D.O.B : 26th or 25th of march 2007...

Place of Birth : Kuala Lumpur

Nationality : Malaysian

Current location :earth...over...

Starsign : vic...

Religion : football...christianity is a relationship with God..aint a religion :)

Height : yao ming's heigth

Weight : fat joe's weight

Shoe size : size 11

Hair colour : black

Eye colour : dunno

Who do you look like : my mum says i have pretty eyes just because i have her dad says im good looking cause i have his tummy....

Innie or Outtie : ????

Leftie or Rightie : Right

Gay, straight, bi or others : Straight..ggggggggggggg

Best friend : Jesus

Best friend you trust most : Jesus...duh

Favourtite pals : Jireh , Loong , Victor(yeah i hang out with my self) , Ryan , Jess ,kevin(who is he??),JINGLES,my roomies...some of my classmates etc etc

Best Friends of the opposite sex : sex got opposite wan arh??

Best buddies : isnt it same as favourite pals??

Boyfriend or Girlfriend : i nid one...either..haha

Crush : ?????? ???

Parents : Dad and Mum

Worst enemy : WHOSE MONKEYHO

Favourite online guy : Encarta answers

Favourite online girl : Encatress

Craziest friend : dunno all my friends are crazy

Advice friend : errr....Jess....Jireh...Kev...Ryan...

Person you drool with : my bolster

Any sisters : yeah two..u interested??

Any brothers : one....

Any pets : one Gayded retriever...Chester....two Gerbils pikachu and hamtaro...two Sugar Gliders Luku and Leia...

Any disease :AEDS...Always Eating Disorder Sysmptoms...

Pagers : ??? wat dat can eat wan ah??

Personal phone line : yeah...1800-i-love-food

Cell phone : not sure..

Pool of hot tub : i want one...

A car : BMW 5 series....A toyota Hilux...are my mum and dad's

Your personality : well u tell me

Driving : 1 year plus

Room :messy is an art that alot of people do not appreciate

What's missing : Lava Lamp and future wife to be photo...hahah..i meant..friends timelss photos

School : UNI MMU Melaka...soon to be Cyber...MMU the Money Making University

Relationship with parents : ok la..if not ok they wont give me money ..:P

Believe in yourself : always..never...heheh

Believe in love at first sight : very debateble..however u spell that

Good listener : yeap..and i go mmm uhuh..ooh..aiya..aihz...well..u onli have to litsen and at the end just give a good advice rite??

Get along well with parents : yeah i think

Save e-mail conversations : nop

Pray :yeah games like POP,FIFA series and err first person shooters..ooh..erm sometimes..honestly

Believe in reincarnation : bleh??

Make fun of people : just to tease them as friends..will never go off limits

Like to talk on the phone : if there was someone to talk to on the phone or if i knew how to use one...

Want to get married : Yeah definetly...if not..i'll just adopt children...or marry a trans witout me knowing he/she is a trans..

Motion sickness : err...motion picture??

Eat stem of broccoli : Yeah..with cheese

Eat chicken with fork : Yeah..with cheese

Dream in colour : hw do i dream in colour?

Type with your finger on home role : huh??

Sleep with stuff animals : if anybody gave me a stuffed animal :'(...

Next to you : guitar...gliders sleeping my head..will update photo on

On your mousepad : laptop..

Dream car : Gen cn i have one now dad??

Dream date : errrm...going to a Beach resort having dinner with wife-to-be next to the beach on valentines day...and suprising her with a heart shapped candles alignt together forming a heart shape..with roses next to it..and proposing to her...i guess..heheh:P..

Dream honeymoon spot : errr...hawaii??..or erm...Paris italy??im not that sure where ever she wants to go...yeah even to space..

Dream husband or wife : when it happens it will happen

Bedtime :got such thing wan ah...

Under your bed : ground floor

Single most important question : What is my destiny oh God?

Bad time of the day : when shit happens

Your worst fear : not beeing able to see the people i love anymore

The weather is : crazy

Time : 2:30

Date : 26 Jan 2007….Sister’s birthday

Best trick I did on someone : changed the house time from 3am to 6 am and woke kevin up and telling him we were late..mueheheh.

Theme song : Macho man

Hardest thing about growing up : People expecting too much from you..and taking advantage of you

Funniest experience : errrr...too many man...

Scariest experience : dreaming....

Silliest thing you've ever said : kinda personal....PM me the i'll tell u

Scariest thing while you are with your friends : beeing looked down on...when i am actually capable of doing things...they just dont realise it sometimes...nvm

Best feeling in the world : appreciated ,loved,scoring goals...when people say yes..

i tag renee,sully,ji jian,lilian,wayne,Cp

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