Friday, January 12, 2007


yesterday went out and watch the PATHFINDER with shanon and kevin...if ur those who enjoy no-brainers and blood gushing , throat slitin, brain burning,gut smashing, and dumb red indians and dumb viking movies....this would be an enjoyable show for u...unfortunately im ok with the movie just that the ending spoiled's called the PATHFINDER...and we know that the lead actor was suppose to be the PATHFINDER not the girl he married instead eeesh!!!
the director needs to find his path...

anyways here are some movies that i would very much looking forward of them is...drrrrrrrrrrr

another parody by the creators of scary movie!!!...dayme nice heheh..enjoy the trailer

2. 300

"OI!!! dun push liao!! dun like dat!!"
based on a true story
the history says 300 sparta soldiers defeated 1million persian warriors...walau..dam keng weh...perfect weh...hahah...nice movie with blood here there everywhere...though i know it's ribena or tomato ketchup....


"lim be ah pek ka li si yao si yao Responsibility"
SPIDERMAN3...the trilogy is complete...something that everyone will look forward to...Spiderman has always been succesful in the past now Spiderman this poster show like he wants to be Superman more than spiderman...Spiderman stronger la...anyways...i wonder does he has a nemesis called SHIELDTOXMAN??
oh well definetly a movie worth catching!!

4.Shrek 3

donkey : " i suck-eth?!!!?!?!"
yay!! shreks coming back!!! this time King harold aka fiona's dad is ill and they have to find a righful hier to the throne so wat else??...they found Fiona's rebelious cousin artie..voice by mr..ahem i meant Sir. Justin Timberlake (aka Just-jump-in-lake) hahah pastor clement came up with that...nice one...ok..well worth watching...

5.Ghostrider bike...OOOooooOOo
Ghost Rider!!!! Whee~~ looks giler chun but the chain on his arm look like The Dark Prince from Prince OF Persia : Two Thrones.....ooh giler la..riding here and there on fire...hahah...then got hot sexy mama like eva mendez....mmm A hot movie evryone should catch....interesting...with nicholas cage still acting in it...giler la..respect!!


Transformer:"wah i cn see my house from here!!"
one movie i will look forward to...alot ppl say suck even b4 the movie came i would definetly like to see wat transformer has to offer..used to be a transformer fan until power rangers came out..haha...transformer looks chun ler...i wonder wat if i had a transformer??..hhmm
Go for short drive transform car
Go for shopping transform trolly
Need to cook transform stove
Laundry transform to washing machine
takeout garbage transform Sampah truck

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Master Kat" what's wrong micheal angelina?"
Micheal Angeline:"i dunno how to use phone...."
wheee~now onli ninja turtle come will be full of adventure !! full of fun!! full of actions!!! and full of pizzas...yeah...looking forward to this man!!

those are the few moives that i would want to catch in the movies...but the one im most looking forward to is SPIDERMAN 3
other movies coming soon: Mr bean, Narnia, Death Note 2 ...and many more
so watcha waiting for?....watching movies are great pastimes!! watch it with ur friends laugh and criticise the movies together!!..

till later i blog again!!..chao

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