Friday, December 29, 2006


im too lazy to update for christmas...but oh wells...all i cn say i got hit in the balls the first time in christmas thanks to u know who....ooh well lets see wat sucky 2006 has to offer

2006 was the year i .......
1.worked with my dad for the first time screwed on valentine's day for the first time
3.worked in samsung
4.invovled in easter production for the first time
5.met peter kenyon(chelsea chairman) almost killed him...
6.when to melaka to study for the first time(it felt like shit)
7.had my first deja vu
8.joined a cacated battle of the racist band
9.did the most stupid thing in my life
10.betrayed by "friends" scolded on my birthday
12.forgot about someone
13.tasted chicken balls rice..i meant rice balls
14.went to a'famosa for 14 times
15.seen the not so glourious mahkota parade for the first time
16.met the MMUCF'ERS
17.blogged for the first time
18.someone say i got thinner for the first time
19.met ******
20.moved on
21.feel like commiting murder
22.became emo
23.had the best christmas
24th.i got baptized
25. had the biggest dillema.
26. got the paling emo
27. worship lead for the first time
28.missed isca camp
29.missed YA camp
30.felt like the loneliest person in the world

ok now this is wat i want for and looking forward to 2007

2007 is the year i...
1. want to have two healthy gliders
2. try to secure the healthy relationship..if possible
3. save money
4.get a GPA of 3.4
5.make it the first happy valentines for myself
6.have a better birthday
7.go to cyber
8.have a car something for my melakan friends
10.get gifts for all my friend's birthdays
11.learn how to shred and play the electric
12.serve in old church again less stone and blur
14.overcome sickness devotion daily (5 mins at leastP) more often stuff for my church friends...
18.go bungee jumping
19.lose weigth clean and tidy

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sand and Stone

hhhm it's been awhile..since i blogged..glas u all liked the previous post..anyways i just received some interesting mail from my mum hope u guys enjoy it

two friends Sam and Jack were walking in the and sticky and sweaty...they had an argument...and sam slapped jack on the face...jack squatted down and wrote "today my friend slapped me on the face" on the sand.....

they continued their journey as they reached an oasis, they decided to take a bath..

Jack got stuck in the mire and started drowning....

Sam then manage to save his dear friend jack from certain death...

then jack carved on the stone "today my best friend saved me"

Sam asked why even he slapped him but why does he still carve those words on the rock...

Jack replied" when someone hurts us...we should write it down on sand where winds of forgiveness can erase it away..and when someone has made us feel special or did something good for us...we should carve it on stone where no wind could ever earse it!"

so God bless

C2W (Christmast-ed)