Friday, November 10, 2006


wel well it's been awhile....trying to balance between God,family,studies,and friends(if i have)...lerh...hahah..anyways..sometimes it doesnt go your way and u will like blkame whoever and all....okok now the story im about to write..i dunno nice anot u all decide la...and...okok ever imagine like those ppl who never felt like loved before..i meant lovey dovey love la....hhmm well...after thinking about it..i came up with a story.......Amber a college girl about to graduate....studies all going well and all has great friends and a wonderful future ahead...well tat all u cn hope for as a student...well..she has this crush on a guy named Anthony...well it was eversince the first day she met him on college..well they tok but not that often..and during the last days of college...everyone was getting all excited about prom...and stuff like dat..
she still doesnt have a date...well it's THE PROM...everyone wants to go she decided to go alone...well too bad no one approached her...

During Prom Nite...
she was just hanging around with her friends and all..then she met well it might b the last time they meet so wat the heck...she went and had a chat with him..
Amber:"hey ! Great party eh??"
Anthony: "yeah!! where's your date?"
Amber: " date?? haha nah i came alone...wat about u?"
Anthony: "me?? nah me watcha up to after this??"
Amber: "oowh..mayb heading home...??"
Anthony:"no i meant whats ur plan for the future when u graduate?"
Amber: "mayb travel the world??.."
Anthony: "yeah haha nice one..hey i gotta go for awhile will u still be here??...i would love to dance with u..."
Amber : *nervous* "errr...err...sure sure!! ahaha i will be waiting for can i have your cell phone num...."
Anthony: "just hang on a sec!! i have to rush"

beeing left there amber waited for anthony...but Amber had to rush home cause her little brother wasnt feeling very well and her parents are over seas...and the connection there just went off....

4 years later...
Amber..a successful bussiness woman beautiful,elegant,simple,ambitious and working in the clothing line traveling the world...dated someone..and was cheated and too hurt to believe in love again...always crying to herself...why isnt there a guy for her ....
one day while she was waiting at the airport to a trip to France for a bussiness trip....while in the airport lounge....a farmilliar voice spoke out.."hey arent u amber from college??"

she looks up and couldnt believe her was anthony....tall dark handsome..bla bla bla successfull...smartly dressed...any girl would ever dream for...

Anthony: hey u look great!! how are u doing??
Amber: err..anthony..!!..wat a suprise!!....u dun look too bad urself..hehe
Anthony: haha thanks! where are u heading to??
Amber: erm france for a bussiness trip u??
Anthony: whoa!! wat a coincidence!! me too....wat ur up to nowadays??
Amber :im in the clothing line...
Anthony : wow interesting..

*moment of silence*
Anthony: well...i din expect to see u here. tell u wat i'll buy u a drink??..mayb we can do some catching up now??..tats if u have sometime..
amber: i would very much love tat

after a long long long chat....

Amber :Hey it's been great catching up with..u and sorry i left during the prom nite and all
Anthony i enjoyed it..nah dun worry...i had to rush off after that too!hahah...i guess our flights should b taking off anytime now..
Amber:*sigh* (wished she could have more time)
Amber:me??..haha nonono...i guess love failed me quite a few times and im quite dissapointed about it
Anthony:oowh really....
Amber: yeah..u?? kid's?? Wife??
Anthony: nop
Amber: why??