Wednesday, August 16, 2006

At The Foot Of The Cross

At the foot of the cross,
where grace and suffering meet,
you have shown me your love,
through the judgement you received,
and you've won my heart,
and you've won my heart,
now i can,

trade this ashes for beauty,
and wear forgiveness like a crown,
coming to kiss the feet of mercy,
i lay every burden down at the foot of the cross,

At the foot of the cross,
where i am made complete,
you have given me life,
through the death you bore for me,
and you've won my heart,
and you've won my heart,

i lay every burden down,
at the foot of the mighty cross.

wonderful song by Don Moen

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

my soundtrack for my korean love drama"what if"

came up to u,
i said hi,
u stared back at me with ur big beautiful shining eyes,
smilling back at me,
thought it was all good,
imagined what if you were mine,
wondering when was the right time,
but i woke was just a dream after all,

i wished i could hold your hand,
not too tell you how much i love you,
but too tell you how much cared,
was too shy,
but i tried,

went up to u i said hi,
u stared at me and gave me a warm firendly reply,
you were all that i could ever hope for,
or dream of,
mayb it was just an illusion,
like a lie,

things when well,
couldnt be happier for the time that i had to get to know you more,
thought it was safe and done ,
and just waiting for the right time,
happy times i predicted ahead of me,

until i found out that,
someone else was already one step or more ahead of me,
mayb it's my feelings that are playing with me,
but jealousy arose in me,
i knew it was bad,
so i changed my thinking,

but at the end,
it was not worth waiting,
loving just turned into hating,
joy turned into despair,
praising turned into mourning,

but i found out that,
love is about care,
and your joy is the onli thing that matters to me,
if we were meant to be,
there will be a way,


emo dayzz ahead...

:D :) :P :/ : . :(

emo dayzzz...just cant cope with it...>.<....feel like smashing my head...thinking bout can something so joyful and turn into something so sorrow..??
i was a thought about such things!!!...urgh!!!...


i thought i knew the answers,
and it led me to you,
full of hope,love,and joy,
but wasted times,
i cannot say i was ready for this,
when worlds collide,
and the thoughts and feelings just came right into me,
knewing you just be in someone else's arms,

beaten skies,
owh i cried,
i am lost,
i am lost,
flower blooming of hope just died,
beaten down,
no one here to follow and to comfort my sorrows.

tried to find a new life,
had a ride just to the other side,
but i crashed and burn on the road side,
a journey ended,
now im stranded,
waiting for you to be by my side,
but knewing it will never happen,
when u just flew by,
with another guy......

goodnight and goodbye,
good times just flies...

poem/song by:me

Friday, August 04, 2006

street futsal

Street futsal is fun..too bad i was having too much fun that i forgot to take some's like way awesome...u get to do some freestyle stuff's..and guess wat time normally we guys play ..??...hahah!!!..we played at 2 a.m. in the morning...giler la....ended at 4..hahah...well it's just fun we got to know some new people and stuff..well going back to KL soon and cant wait to play with my futsal kakis back at guys check you guys out l8er!~~~~~


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Love T.A.G *babi oh alyssa*

tagged by alyssa lee ........

well this is how the game goes..ur suppose to describe 8 things that u want to have in your ideal lover....and at the end of the game u must tag 7 other people...who has a blog...ok?? it? here goes noting..

1.Fun to be with
2.wears a nike cortez
3.know how to cook egg
4.honest at heart
5.go alittle crazy with me at times
6.a balanced amount between emo and joyful
7.some one who is willing to tolerate my whining
8.someone who i can tolerate her whining

so now...i taggggg=
1.Kevin lee hsien ern
2.justin lee
4.the tiun twins
5.Jireh *it's about time u get a blog*!!
6.Jessica Ho
7.Rebbeca Wong
8.Nicholas Tan.


Just for Fun...(girls dont get offended..)

Girls always say they are kind,polite,gentle,nice,friendly,and etc....haha..well this is just for the fun of it..and im gonna bring out a few scenarios...and u just comment on it wether izzit true or false k?? haha..dun worry guys would get thier share too k??..

Scenario 1:
A girl said " i would onli date a guy...with a joyful,caring heart,as long as he loves me thats all that matters!!"

Neither do u know...suddenly there were two guys who appeared magicly in her life...1st guy...a guy full of charm,looks,cute,smart,but more of a player type of guy who would just date girls to gain good reputation

2nd guy: kind,caring,workshard,loves the girl deep down in his heart,
BUT...the girl went for the first guy and ended up hurting the 2nd guy...wat a watse~~~~
WHY?: some of the girls in this world would go for looks..when they say love them and thats all that matters...they're actually hoping for some prince charming to fall in love with girls from this scenario we learnt that always be true to your heart meant wat u say..

Scenario 2
Mandy and James were friends for 5 years...and have strong feelings for each other...they know about it..but has yet to confess to the other...suddenly she met Micheal, Jame's good friend....Micheal a charming charasmetic young rich person...charmed Mandy by just one look...from that day onwards...she abandoned Micheal...left Micheal all alone...

well....wat do you see here??...i guess there isnt much for me to explain but i just realised most girls nowadays are just plain living in a world of fantasy...cute car cash ...3C's in a guy u must's like a trend...

well i just dun wanna b offensive but im just doing this to show u all som real life experiences which are truly happening patient and wait for the right time to choose for the right one...girls..stay true to one..cause noting is perfect in this world even though it may seem perfect to you...just b wise la..haha...ok if u felt offended..just tell me...but i just want u to know..


so..chilla..hahah pieces out..:)

MiStakes and Cho!ces

In life we as humans often make mistakes..some mistakes we make we can learn to grow from it...some mistakes we would b given a second chance to not repeat it...but somehow..there are some mistakes...tat we make..and it turning back anymore....

A few days ago..MMU student John Tan...was a bright and full of prospect student...neither did we expect that his death..have to come so soon...beeing a bright student and sucessful or stuff like that doesnt meant we wont do mistakes...but sadly..after making that wrong step in his costed him his life...from that incident i was lazing around my bed..thinking through wat gone wrong..could i have played a part in helping him? could it be the few days my apartment which is Ixora apartment.."an apartment which is said to b a lively and buat-bising place"..was silent and traumatised...everyone could not believe it..and it was just Ixora's 3rd month in running and things like dat happen...some of the tenants here were considering a move out from Ixora as soon as possible...but for isnt such a big deal..cause im not a superstitious guy...yet im still God fearing...but i believe there are those "things"

*ahem* anyways..yeah back to the topic...some how he couldnt learn from his mistake...well we should take this as a lesson that do not take for granted for the mistakes we on it and be a better person..and always think before you act...u can never be too careful....

somehow u think by making a will just affect u..but think wide..u might just make wrong decisions...aha see there's a sign of matter in wat aspects..such as love,relationships,studies,financial management...and stuff like dat....

for me..i guess so far in my teenage life...i guess by mistakes i'v learnt alot..from love,studies and relationships with friends...i guess the aspect that hit me the hardest in life was the big 4 letter word that starts with L..yeap u've guessed's love...all of us will go through this stage of life..but ur feelings beeing played around by someone who pretends to say those three words to just unacceptable...and through that i believe i myself was influenced to do some pretty bad things...and it affected my relationship with my friends and family...well...all i can say is..nvr underetimate the power of hurts..haha....

well just make the right choice and dun be too selfish when u want to make some choices in life especially in Love life "this topic i will cover it in the continuing chapter"...think before doing's better to b safe than sorry..i guess...dun be afraid to make mistakes too...but make sure u learn from it..well i guess it's till here for now..chaoz guys...hope u visit more often