Thursday, January 11, 2007

am i living in the future or is he from the future?!!!

ok bored bored bored
in the office bored bored bored
wat to do
wat to do
fool around
fool around....sienz

i was soo bored i started playing with the search engine in yahoo..last time i typed "victor is gay"
and i found a church called St.Victor's gay church!!!!

WHOOT!!...a gay church named after me?!!! aaaaaaaaa!! save me!!!!.....imagine the preacher goes on stage and says "the "bible says love ur wi.....usband...all u man say? AMAN! "...eeeww....grose
infact it's against the law man...acting gay is ok but beeing gay?...crap....i think they got new chapter in their so called "bible" also...i cn bet it's like "Brokeback" "villagepeople"
grose to to the max!!...

ok anyways back to the topic...i was playing with the search engine then i typed search word"victor kee"...i expected my blog to pop up the first thing...but...the first link was a bussinessman named victor kee!!! aaaaa!! wat the hell me a real estate agent??...i dun even know wats dat!!!

victor kee*young* meet victor kee"old"....and bald*giggles*

man wat a resemblence!! is he from the future or sumthing like dat?!!!...i heck know i nvr want to be bald!!!'s like sooooo's wrong man!! WRONG!!! i tell u!!...if u dun believe visit this
.....twisted!!! aihz...

blog out!!

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