Monday, January 28, 2008

Another New Beginning

A new Sem has begun....
5 subs to take..
killer thursday schedules... =/
.... Chinese New Year is Coming...
Diet i have not Start..
Fatter i've become...
Lazier too...
well looking at the bright side im here where i am now...
Still Scouting...
as life goes on ...
i got alittle more confused along the road...

more confused than this :-

Epic Fail

Sunday, January 20, 2008


The MFC futsal Sunday League is back in business..this is the 3rd season and yeah all are excited...we were just a bunch of players playing at Air Panas IFC futsal Centre every sunday was the beginning of the league... and here are the team line ups...

Real Madreed

Manager – Gilbert Thong
Members – Andy, Alwin Lim, Christopher, Edrian, Jeshua, Kenny, Raymond Chia.

Little-Poo (formerly known as AC Melon)
Manager – Kevin Tay
Members – Edwin Lim, Jonathan Yong, Kevin Lee, Lawrence, Oon, Sirn Loong, Verat

FC Pasar (formerly known as Rarelyreal)
Manager – Ryan Leong
Members – Aaron Ooi, Daniel, Jeremy, Jireh, Jong Chiueh, Lionel, Peter Yang

Schiok 04 (new entrant. pronounced as schiok-sei (transl. very schiok :)
Manager – Kok Wai
Members – Andrew Loh, Henry San, Leonard, Matthew, Samshen, Samuel Thye, Victor

today was the first match...and here are the score lines:-
Schiok04 7-1 Little-Poo
Fc Pasar 2-2 Real Madreed

for More details/betting/Match Reports got to MFC-Futsal Feva website

"If we lose this Game u can walk past the Trophy u cant Touch it..."-Sir Alex Ferguson,Half-time Team Talk in 1999 Champions League Final


Cloverfield :-
Prounounced (Clo-verrr-feeled)
A monster that ripped New York Apart...and Never Finishes His Food....e.g The head of Ms Liberty. Could Be use in Sentences Such As.. "Cloverfield Is The Best Movie Ever!!" quoted by sum ppl i saw on facebook or "Cloverfield is Blardy bodoh stupid Movie that makes me wanna puke!! How Can They Film Like That!!"quoted by my dad and many other ppl who walked out halfway of the movie ...

well as much as i enjoyed watching the movie...i would just like to inform those who plan to watch it..
-if u cant handle genting rides or u get motion sickness easily
-if u want a movie with meaning and plot and all
-if u want explanations
-if u get dizzy when everything is spinning around
-if u expect the monster to be Chutulu, Godzilla or watsoever...


for those who...
-are waiting for a sci fi movie that doesnt explain anyting
-want to see people get eaten or devoured by creatures
-likes first person view for ur movies
this will be the ideal show for ya...

i personally felt that Clover Field was a movie Worth watching...cause it was a new way of filming the whole show...and yah i wasnt really tooo dissapointed by the not gonna show u the monster here u just have to go see it ur self..i will show it to u like mayb next week...i was alittle dissapointed by the lack of after the movie i was wondering...Where did the monster came from?? and all..but the movie ended with a Wat The Heck...but in a good way...i dun wanna spoil anyting for u but just watch it...


Our Camwhoring Moment

some moment

"it's Coming!!"

headless Statue of Ms. Liberty

this looks like some music video...note* the girl looks like she is dancing

Thursday, January 17, 2008

outdated Post 2

2) Melaka Trip

I really enjoy going down to melaka jut to eat the food..and yet..i can assure u melaka is my place of zen..i feel really comfortable and relaxed down there when im in melaka cause it all just seem so laid back...unlike KL everything is soo hectic and stuffy...well went down there for ACT trip a skit done by the MMUCF in melaka...then i went down again last thursday... and i feel that everytime i go down there... i feel that i will learn more about fellowship and i feel appreciatted and welcomed...thats why..i love going down to melaka every sem break..after a hectic semester going there will make me feel more comfortable...and relaxed.......

My Mohawk

Me,Joachim,Gary(our host thanks for the bed..),and Ms Celine Chew aka omgtottallyfrigginhotsupermodel (at the melaka river)

beef bkt stall...scroll down and see...

worth every single cent (heaven~)

and we went to the CF in melaka christmas party at YAC...Me, Da Don, and itu orang model...

Outdated post


1)New Year Eve at The Curve
It's Kinda Sad when ur Uni sets ur exam dates nearing the holiday seasons e.g=Christmas and
New Year so...all u can do is go to the nearest place for this's The Curve countdown... went with alot of totally super freaking hot super models ....Nath....Gary...and his Godsis = June... yeah so we went to Marche's for dinner and went watch after the Movie when we came out from cineleisure the whole place was pack full of ppl at the middle of the night...ppl spraying white foam with funny smell...and here are the pics as u see...

Marche....with the coma on top of the e....

Hot Coffee and Cold Beverage

Cineleisure outside got concert...i dun wat songs also but after started to get all...techno



Group Photo for the new year
Kena Pwnd by the ppl

So Much for a smart engineering student

hell yeah!

Monday, January 07, 2008

An Overdued Post

hey Guys sorry for the really delayed update i was busy chasing chicks around KL
well this is gonna be hard to post...but well i really nid a girlfriend to post now before...this thing dies...sory life post will be alittle slow so lets seee what can i update about... well hhmm.... yeah >>> check out Vanilla Sky's Single called's on the imeem player on ur right... yeah.. enuff about that im just blabering i think i will update sum stuff later..cause my brain is already dead cause it's 4 in the here to wish u guys i want my honeys Happy New Year..a really belated New the MMU'ians... Happy Holidays and i wish u guys Happy Holidays!!