Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lost Masquerade Part 2

Yes Continue!! just when u thought i was robbed of the chance...i will nvr give date nvm but must!!! must have photo with hannah tan!!!

darn she is Hot!!

"when cn i take photo with her??"

justin..."hannah tan!!! would you dance with me?!!!!"
hannah T...aihz....

ok starting become desprate blog dee...anyways
then jason came with his date nisha

me..single no date..aihz...


zahier and his date...yeah....

it was coming to an i was heading home dissapointed.....

im s happy...i love my life whee~~...bought her album and my dream came objective 101# not a hannah tan freak but...she is sooo nice in person...Thank God...she was talking bout dreams and all...yeah my dreams came true!!..ahahaha...

so where is ur photos with hannah tan now eh?!! hah!! hahahahmy best night....

signing off....

p/s my fav photo of all

first celebrity on my blog!!!...oooh yah i just knew she was a christian..more updates on that later...

victor is very the fat yeng....

The Lost Masquerade Journey Part 1 belum climaks

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This is the greatest Prom story ever told....
prepare to cry, prepare to laugh , prepare to get turned on...wait let me re-phrase that...prepare to get mesmerized..yeah thats it!....PREPARE FOR GLORY!!!

when a boy thought he couldnt achieve some of his Life Goals...he embarked upon a journey which people laughed and kutuk-ed him which they thought he could not achieve...


exam sucked giler but i was going to Prom my first prom date couldnt show up cause her grandmama passed was like a sad day for her...but im glad at least she wanted to come...with me...hahah...but now im all alone dateless..aihz...

*me and my a quarter of my comrades*

was kinda emo...exams all i had some emo moments on the way to prom

*emo moment no.1*
as we reached there we saw ppl with like i went "dude...where's our masks la"..then we realised it wasnt oh well at at a glance i saw

Hannah T's Boob..i meant booth...

where is she??!
where is she?!!...i was looking...
but i went in and couldnt find her...but i found

my Calvary/Reinforcement......had a chat with them

*PG165 Rocking it out loud...the most solid band that nite*they sounded Great!!*

By the way happy birthday Jason Teoh..lead of PG165!!
anyways..later summore of my comrades came n i still couldnt find Hannah T...

Comrades "alpha = Single Year".....yeah rite...all of them are taken except me..-.-" T.T

*emo moment number 2#*
where is hannah tan?? where is she??...


lucky guy No.1

lucky guy no.2

*due to unseen circumstances Lucky Guy No.3 is Removed*(i also dunno y dun ask me)
lucky guy no.3

and the agent came...and stop all photo sessions!!!....-.-T.t
screw u agent!!! chances was slim....all was down..aihz....

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

19 years of headbanging!!!!

wheee!! 19 years of headbanging and i found the best video i've ever seen!!! best musical!! better than freaking lame ass "getting-high-in-school musical!".....wheee potter pals rock!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Osama overtook Manchester United

when im heading to my loneliest suckiest ever bday.....i found something that will cheer me up....Go OSAMA UNITED!!! Go Alqeada Reds!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

We Had Nothing to do so we had a photo shoot seesion...

the gig was great
...will update u guys on dat...ALOT happenedin the gig...wait till hanif give me the photos heheh...

ok soso here are some photos of us doing vain stuff and our jammin seesion

yes i know u cn see my "breast"

putra posing and setting up...hhmm no wonder it took him so long to set up hahaha...

To Be Announced....we'll never grow up

hey let's play a game of Con-people-money-cause-they-are-monkeys-ball

putra:"me wan ride!"

Fat man's guitar

jammin time

Hanif:"YEAH BUDAK LUPA LIRIK" hahah no offence nif

news at 11....great band

well exams coming up later baru update la haha chaoz!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sugar Glider Craze n Band Gig

yo it's been nowadays my times are so screwed up..i dun meant life la i meant time...i sleep at 4pm wake up at 11pm...hmmm...hahah oh wells who cares...well mid term is coming soon n i dunno any heck bout accountings and statistics...die~~~...

well new band called To Be Announced....well i guess we're gonna do our best next wednesday for our gig to get into prom...well when things are bad...let's hope for the best...

To Be Announced
Lead vocal: Hanif
Guitar: Zahier and Putra
Bass: Aaron

hahah...really hope we could get a slot for Prom and playing along side PG165

here's PG165 rocking at Indielicious

here they are ...errr...nvm...

hahah...well i hope we cn pull it through....hhhmmm well other gig that zahier informed me was a nirvana tribute...hhhmmm first i wasnt so keen on it but...they're all into i just guess i have to plug on earplugs that day and play..well we have to play as a alittle experience wouldnt hurt yeah??

well...i guess the whole band are crazy over my sugar witout further due here are my official Glider pics..oreo onli..pringles was tooo shy...

here is Hanif(lead vocal) with comment

here is Zahier (guitarist) with Oreo

n finnally our band manager/song chooser Oreo of To Be Announced

Hello Good morning how you Do??

Signing off,
victor is very the fat yeng