Friday, January 26, 2007


Full Name : Kee Wee Kiat Victor is very the fat yeng...

Name backwards : Gney taf eth yrev si Roctiv Tiak Eew Eek...errrr....

Were you named after someone : im named after the word victorious does that count??..

Meaning of name : to be losing that is

Nickname : lukuking,emoking,luku,turkey,phant phant,kitty kat,kiwi fruit,fat legend...

Screen name : Nikeester or Kweekit

D.O.B : 26th or 25th of march 2007...

Place of Birth : Kuala Lumpur

Nationality : Malaysian

Current location :earth...over...

Starsign : vic...

Religion : football...christianity is a relationship with God..aint a religion :)

Height : yao ming's heigth

Weight : fat joe's weight

Shoe size : size 11

Hair colour : black

Eye colour : dunno

Who do you look like : my mum says i have pretty eyes just because i have her dad says im good looking cause i have his tummy....

Innie or Outtie : ????

Leftie or Rightie : Right

Gay, straight, bi or others : Straight..ggggggggggggg

Best friend : Jesus

Best friend you trust most : Jesus...duh

Favourtite pals : Jireh , Loong , Victor(yeah i hang out with my self) , Ryan , Jess ,kevin(who is he??),JINGLES,my roomies...some of my classmates etc etc

Best Friends of the opposite sex : sex got opposite wan arh??

Best buddies : isnt it same as favourite pals??

Boyfriend or Girlfriend : i nid one...either..haha

Crush : ?????? ???

Parents : Dad and Mum

Worst enemy : WHOSE MONKEYHO

Favourite online guy : Encarta answers

Favourite online girl : Encatress

Craziest friend : dunno all my friends are crazy

Advice friend : errr....Jess....Jireh...Kev...Ryan...

Person you drool with : my bolster

Any sisters : yeah two..u interested??

Any brothers : one....

Any pets : one Gayded retriever...Chester....two Gerbils pikachu and hamtaro...two Sugar Gliders Luku and Leia...

Any disease :AEDS...Always Eating Disorder Sysmptoms...

Pagers : ??? wat dat can eat wan ah??

Personal phone line : yeah...1800-i-love-food

Cell phone : not sure..

Pool of hot tub : i want one...

A car : BMW 5 series....A toyota Hilux...are my mum and dad's

Your personality : well u tell me

Driving : 1 year plus

Room :messy is an art that alot of people do not appreciate

What's missing : Lava Lamp and future wife to be photo...hahah..i meant..friends timelss photos

School : UNI MMU Melaka...soon to be Cyber...MMU the Money Making University

Relationship with parents : ok la..if not ok they wont give me money ..:P

Believe in yourself : always..never...heheh

Believe in love at first sight : very debateble..however u spell that

Good listener : yeap..and i go mmm uhuh..ooh..aiya..aihz...well..u onli have to litsen and at the end just give a good advice rite??

Get along well with parents : yeah i think

Save e-mail conversations : nop

Pray :yeah games like POP,FIFA series and err first person shooters..ooh..erm sometimes..honestly

Believe in reincarnation : bleh??

Make fun of people : just to tease them as friends..will never go off limits

Like to talk on the phone : if there was someone to talk to on the phone or if i knew how to use one...

Want to get married : Yeah definetly...if not..i'll just adopt children...or marry a trans witout me knowing he/she is a trans..

Motion sickness : err...motion picture??

Eat stem of broccoli : Yeah..with cheese

Eat chicken with fork : Yeah..with cheese

Dream in colour : hw do i dream in colour?

Type with your finger on home role : huh??

Sleep with stuff animals : if anybody gave me a stuffed animal :'(...

Next to you : guitar...gliders sleeping my head..will update photo on

On your mousepad : laptop..

Dream car : Gen cn i have one now dad??

Dream date : errrm...going to a Beach resort having dinner with wife-to-be next to the beach on valentines day...and suprising her with a heart shapped candles alignt together forming a heart shape..with roses next to it..and proposing to her...i guess..heheh:P..

Dream honeymoon spot : errr...hawaii??..or erm...Paris italy??im not that sure where ever she wants to go...yeah even to space..

Dream husband or wife : when it happens it will happen

Bedtime :got such thing wan ah...

Under your bed : ground floor

Single most important question : What is my destiny oh God?

Bad time of the day : when shit happens

Your worst fear : not beeing able to see the people i love anymore

The weather is : crazy

Time : 2:30

Date : 26 Jan 2007….Sister’s birthday

Best trick I did on someone : changed the house time from 3am to 6 am and woke kevin up and telling him we were late..mueheheh.

Theme song : Macho man

Hardest thing about growing up : People expecting too much from you..and taking advantage of you

Funniest experience : errrr...too many man...

Scariest experience : dreaming....

Silliest thing you've ever said : kinda personal....PM me the i'll tell u

Scariest thing while you are with your friends : beeing looked down on...when i am actually capable of doing things...they just dont realise it sometimes...nvm

Best feeling in the world : appreciated ,loved,scoring goals...when people say yes..

i tag renee,sully,ji jian,lilian,wayne,Cp

LIFE is filled with stupidity and selfishness..has everyone lost their mind?

ok..yesterday went out watch EPIC MOVIE ..with loong,kev,kev,and jinglypuff...not bad...and slept at 8:30...and woke up at 9 am this nvr reply some people's msn heheh..sorry a crazy dream again...nvm..anyways back to the topic...


* so leng chai...* todays newspaper...if u read Star news paper....turn to the worldnews...u can see an article indonesian clinic is keeping a baby boy and not returning him to his parents...until the baby's parents pays the bill about it's like 2.2 million rupiah over there?? the guys oni working as a cab driver...and they say giving birth bring new life and joy...instead of that...people are so money minded they wanna make money out of it...

wat about LRT putra users ?!...see old grandma come times dun even offer her a seat...lagi best during peak hour...just push push rush in and out...u called that caring??..i call that wrestling..

wat about some ignorant stubborn fool...who knows that the some person has a relationship with someone else...but he still wanna pursue the relationship with that somebody...say nothing is wrong..and lie to his friends say he not seeing her...and abandon his friends and lie to them..maner tau the person he dating pun macam orang anjing perempuan...and beeing played around by that person..wake up!!! stubborn and blind and stupid and !@$!#!#!%T#!#!@ cn u be?!..

what about the guy who Robbed a bank..because he needed money money for his brother who is in debt to a loan shark?!...he died!..why cause no freaking people..will put faith in this give them a decent job to earn money...and they say u nid good results to work..yeah and 90% of the things we study i bet we dont even use it at work..and i bet..some people just cheat their way in to getting high results...selfish...

wat about,...a poor family...working hard for life..and suddenly the father passed away?...the father served as a policeman...does anyone do anyting to help them?? will the mother handle the pressure on raising up two kids??..

who will help these poor the End...Good people never get rewarded here...they get noticed and cared over THERE..yeah up it's our responsibility to acknowledge and help these people..who are in need of help...except for the stubborn one..hahah jkjk...i dunno wat i am talking about...have a nice day

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


ur eyes covered with sunglasses when they first met mine,
i sat there and stared at didnt seem to mind,
the akward ways we meet,

first comes heavy breathing,
staring at the ceiling,
what will happen next i dont wanna know,

i never how cared how i dressed b4,
but i cared that night,
anticipation ran through my bones,
when my clothes never fit right,
i cant wait till we meet again....

first comes heavy breathing,
staring at the ceiling what will happen next i dun wanna know,

when pictures star to be put on the wall,
constant faces move in and out of the room,
it's hard to live sometimes...
but u know where i lay my hands at night..

Monday, January 22, 2007

Nothing in this world by paris hilton

well..all of u know im not a big fan of paris hilton bt..this song is amazingly suprisingly wish i was this guy in the video even's paris hilton all around him..but hey she's wat the not saying she's hot just saying..she's me desperate or me if she was in ur bedroom doing that to u..u sure...sit there and stun...n u cant do anyting about it...dududu dududu du du du...lalal~...oh well if it was kan mi youn...aaaa~~...yeah im desperate...i know...

Nothing in this world by paris hilton

well..all of u know im not a big fan of paris hilton bt..this song is amazingly suprisingly wish i was this guy in the video even's paris hilton all around him..but hey she's wat the not saying she's hot just saying..she's me desperate or me if she was in ur bedroom doing that to u..u sure...sit there and stun...n u cant do anyting about it...dududu dududu du du du...lalal~...oh well if it was kan mi youn...aaaa~~...yeah im desperate...i know...

Nothing in this world by paris hilton

well..all of u know im not a big fan of paris hilton bt..this song is amazingly suprisingly wish i was this guy in the video even's paris hilton all around him..but hey she's wat the not saying she's hot just saying..she's me desperate or me if she was in ur bedroom doing that to u..u sure...sit there and stun...n u cant do anyting about it...dududu dududu du du du...lalal~...oh well if it was kan mi youn...aaaa~~...yeah im desperate...i know...

Thursday, January 18, 2007


my favourite past times would be scouting for blonde bimbo jokes..scouting for bands...and of course day dreaming bout playing for manchester united...but i found this owning joke i it' made me giggle like a sor crap man..

Three women are about to be executed. One's a brunette, one's a redhead, and one's a blonde. The guard brings the brunette forward and the executioner asks if she has any last requests. She says no, and the executioner shouts, "Ready! Aim…"

Suddenly the brunette yells, "EARTHQUAKE!!!"

Everyone is startled and throws themselves on the ground while she escapes.

The guard brings the redhead forward and the executioner asks if she has any last requests. She say no, and the executioner shouts, "Ready! Aim…"

Suddenly the redhead yells, "TORNADO!!!"

Everyone is startled and looks around for cover while she escapes.

By now the blonde has it all figured out. The guard brings her forward and the executioner asks if she has any last requests. She says no, and the executioner shouts, "Ready! Aim…"

And the blonde yells, "FIRE!!!"

haha lol!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

No mood

dun have mood to blog...but oh well...something wierd happend com dog ate my homework..and im pregnant...ok im just sick and emo alittle now...ok below there is a converstaion between me and serene..we nvr talk a big frekin monster..and she's just ...err..u decide wat u wanna call her..

¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
hii.. i noe it sounds weird.. but wadz balance in BM?
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
?/nikeester\?so i guess i'll see you..i'll see you around... says:
-.-"'s okay...erm
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
n balance izz?
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
not baki balance
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
d equal
?/nikeester\?so i guess i'll see you..i'll see you around... says:
?/nikeester\?so i guess i'll see you..i'll see you around... says:
if not baki then wat type of balance??
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
lyk equally balanced
?/nikeester\?so i guess i'll see you..i'll see you around... says:
sama rata?
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
u sure??
?/nikeester\?so i guess i'll see you..i'll see you around... says:
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
?/nikeester\?so i guess i'll see you..i'll see you around... says:
ermm ur welcome...
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
?/nikeester\?so i guess i'll see you..i'll see you around... says:
happy doing ur homework i guess
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
itz compo
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
?/nikeester\?so i guess i'll see you..i'll see you around... says:
?/nikeester\?so i guess i'll see you..i'll see you around... says:
wats that?
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
?/nikeester\?so i guess i'll see you..i'll see you around... says:
yeah la homework ler
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
wadz imbangi?
?/nikeester\?so i guess i'll see you..i'll see you around... says:
there's no such word as imbangi...but there imbang...
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
iz tat balance?
?/nikeester\?so i guess i'll see you..i'll see you around... says:
?/nikeester\?so i guess i'll see you..i'll see you around... says:
same as sama rata ler
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
¬Rë [3] nê™ ¬ says:
?/nikeester\?so i guess i'll see you..i'll see you around... says:

wow...i bet she's reading the dictionary..oh well she asked..but..actually..i also forgot..i was looking at the dictionary i nid to go back to secondary school...and i din noe how i got B for BM in SPM...i think the teacher blind..or the marker just likes the letter B...
til going to my gliders!!!~~~ wheee~~ syok~~

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Filtered Harmonies 2

ok today i'll start off with two music videos hope u guys enjoy

first would be fall out boy's new single "this aint a scene, it's an arms race"
these guys are awesome....very enjoyable to watch nice songs by them..but the lead singer slurs his words alot so i dun know wat he says at times...

now these guys are called Cartel and this is their first single "honestly"...according to Rickdee's top 40....Cartel was the second band to enter the top 40 with the lyrics honsetly inside...does this meant artisit arent beeing honest nowadays ?? i wonder...hhm oh wells...this band is new i think they are kinda cool...their song is talking about asking peoople to be honest towards each other...

ok let me start off my day first..woke up early for work again..dunno how long more i cn take it..i nid rest!!! rest i tell u!!!...and erm...went makan nasi lemak for breakfast...stupid waiter...i asked for milo ais and my dad asked for milo kosong the end wat did we get?? dad got milo ais....and i got milo ais tambah gula kaw...stupid fella...i think his brain is kosong ais...

anyways back to Filtered harmonies II ... man i dunno wether the internet is well enuff for me to update oh wells me no care..haha...ok today me are here to talk about

we've got few types of rock

This is Punk rock

This is kissy rock

this is Emo Rock

this is Hard rock

this is Indian..i meant Indie rock

and not forgetting...screamo rock...

yeah that sums up the caztegories of rock...

definetly one of my favourites....i prefer this than hip hop...yeah...most of these artist are very creative in a sense where they try a misture of rock and rap for example linkin park...but they are like going techno...hhhmm...some artist are enjoyable to watch live..and on their music videos..have meaningful lyrics at times...

Filtered Sound:
at times yeah...some songs can be quite some giler emo/screamo/suicidal rock bands will go "die,die,die,die"...and at the end u also u go die...some songs dont make the song by hinder "lips of an angel"

My cousin,
the next room,
sometimes i wish it was u?

huh??..why u wan new cousin???....haha just's my girl actually..some rockers like to slur their words then song will sound totally fall out boy's "sugar we're going down"

sugar were going down swinging,
i'll be your number one when ur Flwinging..

i dunno wat the heck he sang but...i hope it makes sense cause im a fall out boy fan as offence or a hiprokrit...i do like some emo does sound nice a time..depends on ur mood...but some emo song like this:

the day i met u i thought u were mine,
u were so fine,
but i cannot have u!!!!!

okay~~~....i like screaming but doesnt meant i like screamo...some screamo songs are nice like "reinventing your exit" by underoath it's not bad..but someother screamo songs...they try too hard until tak jadi tak der kau ler..but i know malaysians have the best screamo people around for instance:
"yuaoOOOld NEw Paper!!!"

see i told u...sure those uncle from some screamo band last time..especially the uncle at heng kee...he got long bear i wonder wether is he from system of a down...their beards both look alike...talking about system of a down...they are a band which i label "A band which dun make sense"
they've got songs like "angels deserve to die"...wth...what did angels ever did to them man...crazy fella's....i think they were high...or sumfink like dat...anyways...rock also got pro and

yeah at times it's annoying like those hard rock....scream scream..ear also soar..wanna sleep also cannot...bapak..especially those people with woofer's wann show off..tunjuk their bakat..bapak ask my gliders go bite their wires then see who suffer that time...

if i was a chinabeng screamo rock band..hhhhhmmm..i guess my first hit will go alilttle something like this...
"waaaaaaaa!!! Siiiii!!!! leng chai!!!!
Hou!!! hou !!! love you!!!!
WAAAAA!!! bo you!!!! i can si liaaaaaoo!!! yuarrrgh!!!
*guitar rift!!!*
*guitar solo!!!*
waaaaaa!!! si lim lao be!!!!!!!!!!!"

wa sure win oscar/grammy/mtv/channel v/ award....ok i dun think i wanna win the akademmi fantasia a combination for my song ah beng/rock/fing dao/screamo/love/emo/hardrock/Original Movie sound track for starwars/...m,an im gonna be rich!!

til later la...

p/s : i will put more photos until i get a better phone...with camera of course..i need one..any body willing to donate to victor-kee-need-phone foundation??...pls call 1800-giv-me-w850i to donate...thanks!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Filtered Harmonies Part I

ok i'll start of my day first....okay i woke up from a bad feel like S*** when i woke up...was all moody and all...headache here ...back ache there....oh well life goes on...

now back to the title...about Filtered Harmonies
music nowadays...u've got hip-hop,R&B,Pop,Rock,Screamo,Emo,and etc....all this concludes up wat is called the main attraction of the entertainment industry..yes and the music industry has grown quite alot..artist makes tons of money out of it...or they just become one hit wonders...
but beeing a good artsit is not oni writting nice songs and letting people enjoy litsening to is also how u keep ur image and be a good example..and girls will go like "AAAAAA he's so cute!! he is soo amazing!! aaaah!!"..where actually the singer also dun even know how to write a song...

Kids nowadays now dun care wat are they litsening too...they just want the style..wanna be cool...wanna have the chicks....wanna be POSERS!

Man wanna be romantic singing to ur gf while she is staring at the window...wat type of song would u choose?? how would u dress..?? Do want ur lover to hold a guitar and sing some tunes to u?? or do u want 50 cent to appear to u and rap about u licking his "lolipop"??..think about it...

today i will be here to criticise and support wat is called MUSIC and FILTERED SOUND and NOISE..

yeah this category has been like everything...from fashion to can even be hard to understand wat they are trying to say...cause their mouths are going like 80km/h
crazy...brought up by gansgter la..watever bad boy for life...all the bullshit crap...

OK just not bad..some songs they sing for their friends who died....not bad...some meaningful song ok quite good.
erm no for children to hear..but kids nowadays are hoping into the hip-hop era...the style they dress...the way they talk with all the F and the S and the B...which they use in their songs very openly...and people li9ke 50 cent...talking bout gangster war...maner tau they could really do Good with their shooting skills in iraq...and when they die someone would write a decent song about him which the song title would be "THE P.I.M.P WHO NEVER BECAME A DOLLAR TO BUY HIMSELF A LOLIPOP"....ooh wells...people cursing here there everywhere..scold their mother...scold the ancestor through the song which is kinda stupid...imagine if two siblings who are into hip hop got into a fight?...

"yo im 50 my cousin 50 penny and 50 yen"

Snoop Dog's humble beginnings...a watch dog

They were just hanging around until they had a major Spastic Surgery and they became the Pussycat Dolls
poor mum...they wanna quarell scold their own mother instead..their influence into posers and kids nowadays banyak giler la wanna wear pants low low...get laid at the age of ...well underage..aihz...stupid posers...some are honest at it..cause they like it some just are wanna be's....aihz...
summore...girls will sing about their own body like move move hump...say their ass nice la this and dat...say until like the guys will go move move move boobs boobs boobs shake porn videos on MTV....oh least i know one true fan of hip hop/R&b/Rap/watever..which is him...

writer of my fats...he gives fat people to have self confidence to eat hip hoper in the world...i respect u...waiting for ur album man!!

Friday, January 12, 2007


yesterday went out and watch the PATHFINDER with shanon and kevin...if ur those who enjoy no-brainers and blood gushing , throat slitin, brain burning,gut smashing, and dumb red indians and dumb viking movies....this would be an enjoyable show for u...unfortunately im ok with the movie just that the ending spoiled's called the PATHFINDER...and we know that the lead actor was suppose to be the PATHFINDER not the girl he married instead eeesh!!!
the director needs to find his path...

anyways here are some movies that i would very much looking forward of them is...drrrrrrrrrrr

another parody by the creators of scary movie!!!...dayme nice heheh..enjoy the trailer

2. 300

"OI!!! dun push liao!! dun like dat!!"
based on a true story
the history says 300 sparta soldiers defeated 1million persian warriors...walau..dam keng weh...perfect weh...hahah...nice movie with blood here there everywhere...though i know it's ribena or tomato ketchup....


"lim be ah pek ka li si yao si yao Responsibility"
SPIDERMAN3...the trilogy is complete...something that everyone will look forward to...Spiderman has always been succesful in the past now Spiderman this poster show like he wants to be Superman more than spiderman...Spiderman stronger la...anyways...i wonder does he has a nemesis called SHIELDTOXMAN??
oh well definetly a movie worth catching!!

4.Shrek 3

donkey : " i suck-eth?!!!?!?!"
yay!! shreks coming back!!! this time King harold aka fiona's dad is ill and they have to find a righful hier to the throne so wat else??...they found Fiona's rebelious cousin artie..voice by mr..ahem i meant Sir. Justin Timberlake (aka Just-jump-in-lake) hahah pastor clement came up with that...nice one...ok..well worth watching...

5.Ghostrider bike...OOOooooOOo
Ghost Rider!!!! Whee~~ looks giler chun but the chain on his arm look like The Dark Prince from Prince OF Persia : Two Thrones.....ooh giler la..riding here and there on fire...hahah...then got hot sexy mama like eva mendez....mmm A hot movie evryone should catch....interesting...with nicholas cage still acting in it...giler la..respect!!


Transformer:"wah i cn see my house from here!!"
one movie i will look forward to...alot ppl say suck even b4 the movie came i would definetly like to see wat transformer has to offer..used to be a transformer fan until power rangers came out..haha...transformer looks chun ler...i wonder wat if i had a transformer??..hhmm
Go for short drive transform car
Go for shopping transform trolly
Need to cook transform stove
Laundry transform to washing machine
takeout garbage transform Sampah truck

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Master Kat" what's wrong micheal angelina?"
Micheal Angeline:"i dunno how to use phone...."
wheee~now onli ninja turtle come will be full of adventure !! full of fun!! full of actions!!! and full of pizzas...yeah...looking forward to this man!!

those are the few moives that i would want to catch in the movies...but the one im most looking forward to is SPIDERMAN 3
other movies coming soon: Mr bean, Narnia, Death Note 2 ...and many more
so watcha waiting for?....watching movies are great pastimes!! watch it with ur friends laugh and criticise the movies together!!..

till later i blog again!!..chao

Thursday, January 11, 2007

am i living in the future or is he from the future?!!!

ok bored bored bored
in the office bored bored bored
wat to do
wat to do
fool around
fool around....sienz

i was soo bored i started playing with the search engine in yahoo..last time i typed "victor is gay"
and i found a church called St.Victor's gay church!!!!

WHOOT!!...a gay church named after me?!!! aaaaaaaaa!! save me!!!!.....imagine the preacher goes on stage and says "the "bible says love ur wi.....usband...all u man say? AMAN! "...eeeww....grose
infact it's against the law man...acting gay is ok but beeing gay?...crap....i think they got new chapter in their so called "bible" also...i cn bet it's like "Brokeback" "villagepeople"
grose to to the max!!...

ok anyways back to the topic...i was playing with the search engine then i typed search word"victor kee"...i expected my blog to pop up the first thing...but...the first link was a bussinessman named victor kee!!! aaaaa!! wat the hell me a real estate agent??...i dun even know wats dat!!!

victor kee*young* meet victor kee"old"....and bald*giggles*

man wat a resemblence!! is he from the future or sumthing like dat?!!!...i heck know i nvr want to be bald!!!'s like sooooo's wrong man!! WRONG!!! i tell u!!...if u dun believe visit this
.....twisted!!! aihz...

blog out!!


*yea rite*....instead of holidays im forced to work for my dad it sucks big about waking up early during holidays*it makes no sense* about working from 10am to 10am...lagi nosense man!!! still a undergraduate not a bussinessman..heck no when i grow up i wanna bussiness man also!! gonna be a marketing are a few jobs tat are to die for and to die while working in it



like the culprit above
man playing soccer and earning hundreds and thousands of money per week?! the dream job man...i would want it !! i do anyting for it!! but too bad...i suck and im fat..aihz..too bad


MAN!!! playing GAMES !! and getting PayED!!!!
wat better job than this man!!

3.Food testing

best job to offer...!!! free food!! getting payed sumore!!! man GG..ulitmate Job!!!

*drum rolls*

no for the worst Jobs!!

Cheng Cheng!!

worst jobs:

1. Mcdonalds
"hi welcome to Mcdonalds may i take ur order? blablabla will u like fries with tat??" these people are beeing payed like rm2,80 perhour to say that man it sucks man...just get free Mcdonalds...not worth it..Mcdonalds earn soo much pay so little...wth man...beggar also earn more wieh..

Kent was just an ordinary man looking for a Job.....he was happy until!!!
CHENG CHENG CHENG....when Mcdonalds conned him....he thought he would get payed Rm280 per hour...but he for got the "." it's RM2.80...kesian nyer...

2.Shoe City ,Jaya Jusco
talk about sucky jobs....this is the worst!!!.....7days a work..12 hours!!! WTH!!!..and ur get payed Rm450!!!....Man i rather Go NS!!!!...In Ns i get free food and acrobatics sessions with slimming down sessions! and they pay RM300...and i get a certificate summore

3.Ak Art
no comment

so choose the right job...dun ever regret

In need of help!!

Anyone cn help me with my posts ah?? i changed my template...then i preview it it works but....when i republish..then i view my blog...
i see my old blog template!! how help me!!