Friday, September 14, 2007

Life 2

As Promised ;)..thanks for all the feedbacks on the last "LIFE" post...hope u all will enjoy this one even more =D

sometimes making decisions in life is like taking a penalty

it could end up pretty bad if u miss out on something

and u'll just need bandages to cover up ur Scars..*and alittle bit of jingles too* ;)

oh well thats Life 101 for ya~

u can get pretty fustrated and hurt the people around you

especially when the food is gone

so when ur all alone feeling all left out...

and wishing to be that lucky guy...

turn to someone and...

share ur feelings...

when all is well...let's Start a party

i miss christmas dinners and parties like it used to be..

when ur down ur friends will comfort ya'll

and u cant help it just to give them a great big hug~ *see i told ya u need alittle jingles*

u dun nid explanations for that...

cause it's just one of God's wonders in this world

never pout/emo alone..

Point out whoever is bullying u...

the Bro.s will be there in no time to pick u up

cause that's just brotherhood~

then they'll just end up veeting the fella

and u just need to capture some of this moments...

u dun have to be a hero....

just sing a few songs to the moon...

then someone will be at ur doorstep waiting for ya~

so after all that u can walk tall and move on...

at times we fall down hard..and yet we find it hard to pick ourselves is full of problems coming towards u and when u are about to rise up again u would just stumble.."but The Greatest Glory is not in never Falling...but in Rising Up everytime when we fall"
the last sentence was quoted by some dude during the world war 2....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Mum's Favourite question..

Boy why are u single where's ur gf??
i tot u got gf??
u know i dated ur dad while i was in my uni times!!
alah bring home ur gf la dun bluff u dun have laa...

u know wat mum -.-" let me tell u an equasion..

to dat nowadays u nid this:-


Fancy Car

and of course this... =D

so no u know mum??....whee~ prances around