Saturday, April 21, 2007

Morning Persons..

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Are u a morning person? i meant wake up in the early morning n go for a jog b4 u start with ur daily life...well..thats a definetly nono for me...for i was never a morning person to start with!!! wheee~~...if King Leonidas of Sparta asked me...

yeah.....i would answer him

:D....i love a sloth....

" moment..."
anyways ppl always asked me how cn i wake up for early class??...well sometimes i dun sleep..or even if i fall God's Grace i would just wake up Roomate with wake me up ...

yeah thats him!!....i guess he found a new way to dry underwear...
hahaha...anways..on the same day We decided to go makan for nasi lemak..yeah noting but a Good Old Nasi Lemak to start of ur day!!.....yeah we chat chat....we eventually did not go to the shop we intended to..but oh long we get nasi lemak in the morning i will be happy enuff...

yay!! nasi lemak...with "teh tak tarik betul"

yeah thats of the most friendliest ppl i met here in melaka..he does a great voice of The Don Corleon...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


here is the video enjoy guys!!!

Let The Score Speak For Itself

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1999.... was Manchester United best European Performance..but April 9th 2007 was even better as Man Utd Tapau/GGed/Bungkus/Conquer ....ASS ROMA..... i cn now Live even more peacefully
after another life objective is completed!!

MU FOR LIFE.....i love Malaysia

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hannah T Album Review

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This post will have some materials censored due to the hotness of Hannah Tan...n due to this post some eyes may bleed..some may "stand"...some may cry..some may get " fever" before continuing scrolling down blindly it is best to have parental advisory to view the following post..thank you...

so as i was saying...sorry for slow updates it was due to my heavy assignments..and my all time
fav a sloth...anyways..this post is about Hannah T or Tan's album which sux which is very nice..=.=".....she is a very hot mamia devoted christian which was said by here are some pics of her Album which is not very nice very nice that can win alot of Award...

yeah here is her album which was autographed to me....the curves of her body
writing was very misleading so when my friends came up with a few assumptions on wat she autographed on that album
Original: "Dearest Victor, Truly Believe in your dreams and you will get there!! Truly Always,Hannah T"
Assumption 1 : " Dearest Vicvic, Truly Believe in Me and you will get here!! Truly Aways, Hannah"
Assumption 2 : " Dearest Victor, Truly Believe in your Dreams and you will get me!! Truly Always, Hannah T"
Assumption 3 : " Dearest whoever it may concern, Always believe that u will dream about me..Truly Always, Hannah T"
Assumption 4 : " Dearest Victor, Wa Kong LU mau Dream...Lu boleh ! "
Assumption 5 : " Dearest leng chai, here is my number 012-3456789"
Assumption 6 : " Dearest Victor, Cross My Bridges" sound so wrong....

anyways...*ahem* anyways notice her album cover with her in a Lingerie/Bikini or watever..noting so christian about that.....wrong method man...cant she just wear a decent Dress or something like dat??....hhhmm mayb it's a marketing strategy....
well as i opened up the album..there was this album dedication thanking God...n

sorry guys had to censor the bikini photo..if parents see i kantoi not suprised some ppl tot she was an AV model "AV=Adult Video"
her songs are all very emo lyrics...abit christian lyrics but...sounds ok la actually barable onli gonna die dee oh wells very obvious her singing was developed through serving in a model turned singer ....tak jadi la..sorry Hannah.....but Good Effort i guess....hhhmmm i wonder if i started my own modeling/singing carrer will jadi anot ...hhhmm wondering...

anyways..thats all for now...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

a suggestion

thanks for reading my blog and all...n to lucky guy no.3 sorry if anyting offended u yah?? offences there...:) my hit is about to reach 1000...should i give something to my 1000th reader???....if i should wat should it be??

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The DAY OF THE FOOLS...about to end....

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whee~~ next stop is Jom Heboh!!!! where Karen Kong will be...!! she's cute and she is chinese!! n she cn sing like Siti Nur Haliza..mayb even better!!! she rocks!!! Tar student turned Celebrity!!

*miss Karen Kong with her album*
well today is the day of the fools....fools i have pawned today : 20!!!!!

malas wanna name them all!! but includes Wayne, Renee , Hui Yee and Chui Woon and bla bla bla

hahaha...well im kinda hyper now after meeting FABULOUS Hannah T

well everything is well and going and my beta Provisional Offer IS Accepted!! N it's Confirmed!!!
IM GOING HOME!!!!! gonna study marketing with multimedia for my degree level!!! ya man!!!~~~

My gliders are growing pringles became big big girl matured eating her worm now also she start taking friendster photos..

and well i think we became a metal band ever since zahier became sooo turned on by a mask...n tried to fool yeow!!..

yeah that masked guy is scary when the light is out...mind kevin his alittle
u know...special hahah no offence...
well yeow tried to april fool kevin so it went alittle something like tis...

Yeow : Eh i see ur Ixora Bill??
Kevin: Why la U havent pay ur Bill izzit???
Yeow : NO la i just want see la!!
Kevin: for wat tell me la!!!
Yeow : April Fools...
Me & Kevin: Woooh hebat nyer *sarcasticly speaking* *clapping hands sarcasticly*

hhhmmm...ooh well...hahah

signing off

Fat Yeng Victor