Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Filtered Harmonies 2

ok today i'll start off with two music videos hope u guys enjoy

first would be fall out boy's new single "this aint a scene, it's an arms race"
these guys are awesome....very enjoyable to watch nice songs by them..but the lead singer slurs his words alot so i dun know wat he says at times...

now these guys are called Cartel and this is their first single "honestly"...according to Rickdee's top 40....Cartel was the second band to enter the top 40 with the lyrics honsetly inside...does this meant artisit arent beeing honest nowadays ?? i wonder...hhm oh wells...this band is new ....so i think they are kinda cool...their song is talking about asking peoople to be honest towards each other...

ok let me start off my day first..woke up early for work again..dunno how long more i cn take it..i nid rest!!! rest i tell u!!!...and erm...went makan nasi lemak for breakfast...stupid waiter...i asked for milo ais and my dad asked for milo kosong ais...in the end wat did we get??...my dad got milo ais....and i got milo ais tambah gula kaw...stupid fella...i think his brain is kosong ais...

anyways back to Filtered harmonies II ... man i dunno wether the internet is well enuff for me to update oh wells me no care..haha...ok today me are here to talk about

we've got few types of rock

This is Punk rock

This is kissy rock

this is Emo Rock

this is Hard rock

this is Indian..i meant Indie rock

and not forgetting...screamo rock...

yeah that sums up the caztegories of rock...

definetly one of my favourites....i prefer this than hip hop...yeah...most of these artist are very creative in a sense where they try a misture of rock and rap for example linkin park...but they are like going techno...hhhmm...some artist are enjoyable to watch live..and on their music videos..have meaningful lyrics at times...

Filtered Sound:
at times yeah...some songs can be quite annoying...like some giler emo/screamo/suicidal rock bands will go "die,die,die,die"...and at the end u also u go die...some songs dont make sense...like the song by hinder "lips of an angel"

My cousin,
the next room,
sometimes i wish it was u?

huh??..why u wan new cousin???....haha just joking...it's my girl actually..some rockers like to slur their words then song will sound totally wrong...like fall out boy's "sugar we're going down"

sugar were going down swinging,
i'll be your number one when ur Flwinging..

i dunno wat the heck he sang but...i hope it makes sense cause im a fall out boy fan as well..hahah..no offence or a hiprokrit...i do like some emo songs..it does sound nice a time..depends on ur mood...but some emo song like this:

the day i met u i thought u were mine,
u were so fine,
but i cannot have u!!!!!

okay~~~....i like screaming but doesnt meant i like screamo...some screamo songs are nice like "reinventing your exit" by underoath it's not bad..but someother screamo songs...they try too hard until tak jadi tak der kau ler..but i know malaysians have the best screamo people around for instance:
"yuaoOOOld NEw Paper!!!"

see i told u...sure those uncle from some screamo band last time..especially the uncle at heng kee...he got long bear i wonder wether is he from system of a down...their beards both look alike...talking about system of a down...they are a band which i label "A band which dun make sense"
they've got songs like "angels deserve to die"...wth...what did angels ever did to them man...crazy fella's....i think they were high...or sumfink like dat...anyways...rock also got pro and cons...la...

yeah at times it's annoying like those hard rock....scream scream..ear also soar..wanna sleep also cannot...bapak..especially those people with woofer's wann show off..tunjuk their bakat..bapak ask my gliders go bite their wires then see who suffer that time...

if i was a chinabeng screamo rock band..hhhhhmmm..i guess my first hit will go alilttle something like this...
"waaaaaaaa!!! Siiiii!!!! leng chai!!!!
Hou!!! hou !!! love you!!!!
WAAAAA!!! bo you!!!! i can si liaaaaaoo!!! yuarrrgh!!!
*guitar rift!!!*
*guitar solo!!!*
waaaaaa!!! si lim lao be!!!!!!!!!!!"

wa sure win oscar/grammy/mtv/channel v/hitz.tv/akademifantasia award....ok i dun think i wanna win the akademmi fantasia award..hahah...man..wat a combination for my song ah beng/rock/fing dao/screamo/love/emo/hardrock/Original Movie sound track for starwars/...m,an im gonna be rich!!

til later la...

p/s : i will put more photos until i get a better phone...with camera of course..i need one..any body willing to donate to victor-kee-need-phone foundation??...pls call 1800-giv-me-w850i to donate...thanks!!

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Anonymous said...

-YiLing-: Wow!!! Rock sia! Are those rocks meant for our cg "ROCK"?=p Hehe. Anyway, i like de Emo rocks...vry cute.=p