Thursday, January 17, 2008

Outdated post


1)New Year Eve at The Curve
It's Kinda Sad when ur Uni sets ur exam dates nearing the holiday seasons e.g=Christmas and
New Year so...all u can do is go to the nearest place for this's The Curve countdown... went with alot of totally super freaking hot super models ....Nath....Gary...and his Godsis = June... yeah so we went to Marche's for dinner and went watch after the Movie when we came out from cineleisure the whole place was pack full of ppl at the middle of the night...ppl spraying white foam with funny smell...and here are the pics as u see...

Marche....with the coma on top of the e....

Hot Coffee and Cold Beverage

Cineleisure outside got concert...i dun wat songs also but after started to get all...techno



Group Photo for the new year
Kena Pwnd by the ppl

So Much for a smart engineering student

hell yeah!

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