Sunday, January 20, 2008


Cloverfield :-
Prounounced (Clo-verrr-feeled)
A monster that ripped New York Apart...and Never Finishes His Food....e.g The head of Ms Liberty. Could Be use in Sentences Such As.. "Cloverfield Is The Best Movie Ever!!" quoted by sum ppl i saw on facebook or "Cloverfield is Blardy bodoh stupid Movie that makes me wanna puke!! How Can They Film Like That!!"quoted by my dad and many other ppl who walked out halfway of the movie ...

well as much as i enjoyed watching the movie...i would just like to inform those who plan to watch it..
-if u cant handle genting rides or u get motion sickness easily
-if u want a movie with meaning and plot and all
-if u want explanations
-if u get dizzy when everything is spinning around
-if u expect the monster to be Chutulu, Godzilla or watsoever...


for those who...
-are waiting for a sci fi movie that doesnt explain anyting
-want to see people get eaten or devoured by creatures
-likes first person view for ur movies
this will be the ideal show for ya...

i personally felt that Clover Field was a movie Worth watching...cause it was a new way of filming the whole show...and yah i wasnt really tooo dissapointed by the not gonna show u the monster here u just have to go see it ur self..i will show it to u like mayb next week...i was alittle dissapointed by the lack of after the movie i was wondering...Where did the monster came from?? and all..but the movie ended with a Wat The Heck...but in a good way...i dun wanna spoil anyting for u but just watch it...


Our Camwhoring Moment

some moment

"it's Coming!!"

headless Statue of Ms. Liberty

this looks like some music video...note* the girl looks like she is dancing

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