Sunday, January 20, 2008


The MFC futsal Sunday League is back in business..this is the 3rd season and yeah all are excited...we were just a bunch of players playing at Air Panas IFC futsal Centre every sunday was the beginning of the league... and here are the team line ups...

Real Madreed

Manager – Gilbert Thong
Members – Andy, Alwin Lim, Christopher, Edrian, Jeshua, Kenny, Raymond Chia.

Little-Poo (formerly known as AC Melon)
Manager – Kevin Tay
Members – Edwin Lim, Jonathan Yong, Kevin Lee, Lawrence, Oon, Sirn Loong, Verat

FC Pasar (formerly known as Rarelyreal)
Manager – Ryan Leong
Members – Aaron Ooi, Daniel, Jeremy, Jireh, Jong Chiueh, Lionel, Peter Yang

Schiok 04 (new entrant. pronounced as schiok-sei (transl. very schiok :)
Manager – Kok Wai
Members – Andrew Loh, Henry San, Leonard, Matthew, Samshen, Samuel Thye, Victor

today was the first match...and here are the score lines:-
Schiok04 7-1 Little-Poo
Fc Pasar 2-2 Real Madreed

for More details/betting/Match Reports got to MFC-Futsal Feva website

"If we lose this Game u can walk past the Trophy u cant Touch it..."-Sir Alex Ferguson,Half-time Team Talk in 1999 Champions League Final

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