Tuesday, July 10, 2007

System Is Back Online

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Wohooo~~ is finally back online!!! yay!!! *fireworks* BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOMM! stripers dancing with disco music *duk chi duk chi duk chi*
yay...me happy wanna Thank God that i have finnally made it to Cyber and Blablablabla...Melaka was a Traumatic great experience hoping to go back there and visit the guys and gals down there sometime soon...miss u guys....oh well since i already move in and settle down at Cyber.. i shall update some Melaka stuff...

Outing with Classmates:

The Wise "Short one" 's Bday

We at Calanthe~
Calanthe is a Kafe which is located at Jonker Street in Melaka...nice relaxing mood and Athmosphere over there...they serve 13 States Coffee in Malaysia...like Penang Coffee laa,Melaka Coffee laaa,Ipoh Coffee laaa,Sabah Coffee laa,or any other Coffee and Caffine drinks..they serve great laksa noodles and rendang chicken rice too...definetly a place for u ppl who wanna quarel about their sendiri punya state coffee and compare which is the best...It's Open from Teusdays to Sundays..so Drop by there~
~*Calanthe Art Cafe*~

Beng 1 : eh wat to order??
Beng 2 : the Fren Fry i wan
Beng 1: Me tooo xoxoxoxoxox

Husband and Wife??? (they're so gonna kill me for this)

Mice she loves i dunno why~

*man i miss this *

IF Camp

he's more hairier than me ....why meee?!!!(the photo above is actually an animation...but dunno why tak jadi show so just click on the photo to see the animation laa)

Together the seniors brought down the almighty Elephant

"Friends are like a symphony,
Each has a role to play in the ochestra,
In A musical,
We are A Band Of Brothers,
Rock On...."
by Prof Victor-Is-the-leng-chai

IF CF camp 2007 ~A camp to remember~

So far...this is for the updates later will update more stuff :D toodles ~~

Signing out,
Fat yeng

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