Monday, May 14, 2007

Study & Learning Wars

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i have alot to update after my exams...but as for now in the midst of my exam i shall quote inspire me when im emo...

" I have never n will never cheat in exams,
cheaters are cowards who cant accept ,
failures in life,
failures are there for us to learn,
to grow up,
n for us to know not to repeat our mistakes,
for i know i will achieve something great,
which is in rising up when i fail" so wisdomized

anyways i hate study...hey dun get me misunderstood there...i hate studying...but i want to learn...learning and studying aint the same thing u know!!....
studying is an evil evil word....

Section A
short answer section
answer the following question(s)

1. What is the difference between Studying and Learning?
studying is where we study for the sake of studying cause we got exam just achieve good
results or passable results..and after that we will completely forget about it n never apply
it into our daily lifes.
Learning is a process where one learns through expereince and something that can benefit
one in life which we can apply it in our future working lifes.

2. Is Learning more fun than studying ?
duh definetly .
3. Create sentences for the words studying and learning.
-I hate to studying
-I dont want to studying
-"Studying is evil" said Stephanie
- wat is studying?

- I love learning
- I want to learn to be like Jesus =D
- Learning is so fun!!!
- I learn through experiences =D


Signing off,
Fat yeng


Unknown said...

No offence buddy , but u sound like the "stan kronke" on arsecast..LOL

Victor Kee said...

....??? eh.??? nah i just hate studying...hahaha