Saturday, March 17, 2007

We Had Nothing to do so we had a photo shoot seesion...

the gig was great
...will update u guys on dat...ALOT happenedin the gig...wait till hanif give me the photos heheh...

ok soso here are some photos of us doing vain stuff and our jammin seesion

yes i know u cn see my "breast"

putra posing and setting up...hhmm no wonder it took him so long to set up hahaha...

To Be Announced....we'll never grow up

hey let's play a game of Con-people-money-cause-they-are-monkeys-ball

putra:"me wan ride!"

Fat man's guitar

jammin time

Hanif:"YEAH BUDAK LUPA LIRIK" hahah no offence nif

news at 11....great band

well exams coming up later baru update la haha chaoz!

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