Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Lost Masquerade Journey Part 1 belum climaks

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This is the greatest Prom story ever told....
prepare to cry, prepare to laugh , prepare to get turned on...wait let me re-phrase that...prepare to get mesmerized..yeah thats it!....PREPARE FOR GLORY!!!

when a boy thought he couldnt achieve some of his Life Goals...he embarked upon a journey which people laughed and kutuk-ed him which they thought he could not achieve...


exam sucked giler but i was going to Prom my first prom date couldnt show up cause her grandmama passed was like a sad day for her...but im glad at least she wanted to come...with me...hahah...but now im all alone dateless..aihz...

*me and my a quarter of my comrades*

was kinda emo...exams all i had some emo moments on the way to prom

*emo moment no.1*
as we reached there we saw ppl with like i went "dude...where's our masks la"..then we realised it wasnt oh well at at a glance i saw

Hannah T's Boob..i meant booth...

where is she??!
where is she?!!...i was looking...
but i went in and couldnt find her...but i found

my Calvary/Reinforcement......had a chat with them

*PG165 Rocking it out loud...the most solid band that nite*they sounded Great!!*

By the way happy birthday Jason Teoh..lead of PG165!!
anyways..later summore of my comrades came n i still couldnt find Hannah T...

Comrades "alpha = Single Year".....yeah rite...all of them are taken except me..-.-" T.T

*emo moment number 2#*
where is hannah tan?? where is she??...


lucky guy No.1

lucky guy no.2

*due to unseen circumstances Lucky Guy No.3 is Removed*(i also dunno y dun ask me)
lucky guy no.3

and the agent came...and stop all photo sessions!!!....-.-T.t
screw u agent!!! chances was slim....all was down..aihz....

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