Tuesday, August 15, 2006

my soundtrack for my korean love drama"what if"

came up to u,
i said hi,
u stared back at me with ur big beautiful shining eyes,
smilling back at me,
thought it was all good,
imagined what if you were mine,
wondering when was the right time,
but i woke up..it was just a dream after all,

i wished i could hold your hand,
not too tell you how much i love you,
but too tell you how much cared,
was too shy,
but i tried,

went up to u i said hi,
u stared at me and gave me a warm firendly reply,
you were all that i could ever hope for,
or dream of,
mayb it was just an illusion,
like a lie,

things when well,
couldnt be happier for the time that i had to get to know you more,
thought it was safe and done ,
and just waiting for the right time,
happy times i predicted ahead of me,

until i found out that,
someone else was already one step or more ahead of me,
mayb it's my feelings that are playing with me,
but jealousy arose in me,
i knew it was bad,
so i changed my thinking,

but at the end,
it was not worth waiting,
loving just turned into hating,
joy turned into despair,
praising turned into mourning,

but i found out that,
love is about care,
and your joy is the onli thing that matters to me,
if we were meant to be,
there will be a way,


1 comment:

Jyan Chin said...

Don't try too hard.

Don't hope too much.

Take it one step at a time.

Take it one day at a time.

Thank God for what you have now

And tell Him what you want.

That's joy :)

God bless you, Emoking.