Tuesday, August 15, 2006


i thought i knew the answers,
and it led me to you,
full of hope,love,and joy,
but wasted times,
i cannot say i was ready for this,
when worlds collide,
and the thoughts and feelings just came right into me,
knewing you just be in someone else's arms,

beaten skies,
owh i cried,
i am lost,
i am lost,
flower blooming of hope just died,
beaten down,
no one here to follow and to comfort my sorrows.

tried to find a new life,
had a ride just to the other side,
but i crashed and burn on the road side,
a journey ended,
now im stranded,
waiting for you to be by my side,
but knewing it will never happen,
when u just flew by,
with another guy......

goodnight and goodbye,
good times just flies...

poem/song by:me


Anonymous said...

ayo... y so depressing one?? you are starting to be like those worldly song writers. Talking bout depressin stuff! Come on.. look at things in a positive way. How bad can your experience be??

Victor Kee said...

it's my style..haha but just write oni la..just shae some stuff ma...haha..who are u by the ways?

Anonymous said...

huh? your style is this? that's really sad.i'm anonymous by the way. that's my name! =p

Victor Kee said...

no la
hahah just trying my best...my friend wanted a song just write lorh...im gonna change soon hehehe..eh for real la..wat annonymous...