Thursday, August 03, 2006

Love T.A.G *babi oh alyssa*

tagged by alyssa lee ........

well this is how the game goes..ur suppose to describe 8 things that u want to have in your ideal lover....and at the end of the game u must tag 7 other people...who has a blog...ok?? it? here goes noting..

1.Fun to be with
2.wears a nike cortez
3.know how to cook egg
4.honest at heart
5.go alittle crazy with me at times
6.a balanced amount between emo and joyful
7.some one who is willing to tolerate my whining
8.someone who i can tolerate her whining

so now...i taggggg=
1.Kevin lee hsien ern
2.justin lee
4.the tiun twins
5.Jireh *it's about time u get a blog*!!
6.Jessica Ho
7.Rebbeca Wong
8.Nicholas Tan.



eL-v said...

haha...r we really honest at heart??hmm...thx..

reenz said...

justin dusnt have a blog! hahahahah

Anonymous said...

Ehhhh... What's all that 'babi babi' nonsense arh?! I tagged u wor, u shud feel honoured! What if sum gurl lyk ter-stumble upon ur page and thinks to herself, "Weyh! That's ME!" after reading ur post leh?! Then then u ppl meet, then fall in love, then live happily ever after?! HAH!! Do i hear a 'thank u'???? :P

Victor Kee said...

....yea yea anyting la alyssa anyting...bapak u nowadyas nvr layan dee ah...action dee dat la now

Anonymous said...

dude.. blogs r lame!!...... kiddin kiddin.. 2 post tt in a blog is suicide... btw, u'r 1 emo shit blogger! bloggin is 4 u who dn hv ne1 who's interested in listenin 2 dem.. i hv enuf audiences tuning in2 my life s it is nw.. mus keep my low profile a bit.. hahaha.. my ideals? found d lo.. muehehe