Wednesday, July 15, 2009

how much of a champion are you?

no im not blogging about real champions...
im blogging about those ppl who wanna be an champion...which is opposite of a champion

sorry for the lack of updates lately...been running around...literally...and it's raining at night =)...

champion statements i've heard so far?

"what is the colour of the blue jeans?"
"what chinese do you speak?"
"milo panas tak mau ais"
"your canon camera what brand ah?"
"eh i tot ronaldo play at real madrid wan?"
"waah ur 24 inch damn big ah!"
"i din know the hot soup was that hot!!"
"why my printer no ink?"

so far these statements weren't made up...they just happened...somehow...n i was there to notice it...

btw it's raining now =)'s cooling
it's refreshing now time to sleep =)
*yaaawwn~* =)

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