Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Barbie gone wrong....what happens?? if barbie met cannibals??... hmmm

This few Weeks have been practically busy...traveling up , north ,south and east...my weekends have been killing me it should rest days but my weekends are actually thursday n Friday...in a way la that is... well i've been practically busy with relationship with someone special in my heart...i Heart U..... traveling..thanks to myself who asked for it...but overall experience of it is awesome but i do always end up coming back with a back ache but it's well worth while
our education minister Guru G..yeah i heart u...Relationship~ PAssion~

but pretty much me wanting to sit down having a good meal like bruchetta's and mushroom soup is kinda rare to find...i meant literally im not a good cook...i meant even if im at home if i do have the will to make something....when i go look...gosh it's like...already expire...but why so fast -.-""...looks like i'll make do with chicken everyday

Catch Pseudonymous Live AT WCG ...again...haha this time it's not the launching...it's the Official event in Midvalley...so pretty hyped yet slowly drained by it..we can see some sour faces due to stress and all with practice...too bad we are not done....with our own materials..but hopefully it will be done this year...

Pseudonymous is:
Name: Samuel Thye aka Lamertron
Famous For: Beeing The Lamest Person on Earth..n yet he doesnt admit..
Interest : Hitting The Drums Real Hard...til blood comes out from our ears

Name : Loong
Famous For : Alot of Things
Interest : Serenading Me With his Guitar
Name : Leo
Famous For : Supporting Arsenal
Interest : Supporting Arsenal

Name : -
Famous For : "I slap u"s
Interest : Alot of things...
Leng Chai at far right

Name : my name
Famous For : Making u Read this Post
Interest : making u read this line :)

So Do Drop by Midvalley from the 15-17 which is this Friday until sunday :)

til the next post

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