Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back Alive

sorry for beeing absent's been awhile...

Random Chats:

My Fight with jee hor to see who loves her more...*i lost*
Jee Hor is Handsome! :D: u like jennifer too???!! Jee Hor is Handsome! :D: gary told me tat Jee Hor is Handsome! :D: O_o
nikeester: yeah
nikeester: i LOVe her
Jee Hor is Handsome! :D: really? Jee Hor is Handsome! :D: oh Jee Hor is Handsome! :D: i love her soooo much love for her is more than urs
nikeester: i love her so much that u can love her even more than me
Jee Hor is Handsome! :D: i love her so much that i dun wan to love her anymore
nikeester: i love her so much that i can't be with her...
Jee Hor is Handsome! :D: yes of course u cant Jee Hor is Handsome! :D: she doesnt want to be with u though Jee Hor is Handsome! :D:
nikeester: ...

Glen hates me

glen ooi: siriusly..dont worry
glen ooi: tats wat everyone will say la
nikeester: hmmm
nikeester: yeah
nikeester: i hope so
glen ooi: so i am gonna worry la
glen ooi:
glen ooi: ur not gonna do a great job
glen ooi: ur the worse of the lot
glen ooi: reli..u suck
glen ooi: if you were to worry more
glen ooi:
nikeester: .....
nikeester: u have just earned urself no bacon
glen ooi: i rather have no bacon than u worrying
glen ooi:
glen ooi: touched not?
glen ooi: eh eh..i jokin ah
nikeester: ooooh

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~tha~ said...

Who is Jennifer? Hmmmm...
Kepochi here.. =P

Why are you all fighting over Jennifer when you have the ever nice Jacintha to fight over? Hmm.. =P