Sunday, April 01, 2007

The DAY OF THE FOOLS...about to end....

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whee~~ next stop is Jom Heboh!!!! where Karen Kong will be...!! she's cute and she is chinese!! n she cn sing like Siti Nur Haliza..mayb even better!!! she rocks!!! Tar student turned Celebrity!!

*miss Karen Kong with her album*
well today is the day of the fools....fools i have pawned today : 20!!!!!

malas wanna name them all!! but includes Wayne, Renee , Hui Yee and Chui Woon and bla bla bla

hahaha...well im kinda hyper now after meeting FABULOUS Hannah T

well everything is well and going and my beta Provisional Offer IS Accepted!! N it's Confirmed!!!
IM GOING HOME!!!!! gonna study marketing with multimedia for my degree level!!! ya man!!!~~~

My gliders are growing pringles became big big girl matured eating her worm now also she start taking friendster photos..

and well i think we became a metal band ever since zahier became sooo turned on by a mask...n tried to fool yeow!!..

yeah that masked guy is scary when the light is out...mind kevin his alittle
u know...special hahah no offence...
well yeow tried to april fool kevin so it went alittle something like tis...

Yeow : Eh i see ur Ixora Bill??
Kevin: Why la U havent pay ur Bill izzit???
Yeow : NO la i just want see la!!
Kevin: for wat tell me la!!!
Yeow : April Fools...
Me & Kevin: Woooh hebat nyer *sarcasticly speaking* *clapping hands sarcasticly*

hhhmmm...ooh well...hahah

signing off

Fat Yeng Victor

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